Your safety depends on small behaviors, often easy to adopt, allowing you to ride with complete peace of mind. The driver is responsible for his vehicle and its maintenance. He must regularly check his vehicle to avoid risks, and he should look out for traffic control speed bumps because they help reduce speed. Work-related accidents represent significant costs for companies. Discover some daily checks to be carried out to avoid them and adopt a safe driving style.

1 – Lights, Indicators, Windshield, And Windows

Always check the operation of these parts before departure. Test the turn signals and make sure you have spare bulbs if needed. Also, check that the indicators have no problems. Take a quick look at the windshield and windows to check for damage and nothing in the way of visibility.

2- Bodywork And Interior Of The Vehicle

Make sure the vehicle body and interior show no signs of damage. Keep the interior clean and tidy, do not overload it with unnecessary things. Ensure that objects in the passenger compartment cannot accidentally fall and interfere with driving, which could endanger the driver.

3 – Tires

Check tire pressure and wear regularly and adjust them according to the season. Don’t forget to check the condition of the spare tire. Hard braking and starting accelerate tire wear.

4 – Fuel

Make sure you always have enough fuel for your trip. It is best to refuel early in the morning when the temperature on land and tanks is colder. This allows the gasoline to have a lower density, all at the same price. Do not press too hard on the gun lever; this will give off more vapors and, therefore, less fuel for the same price.

5 – The Seats

Take the time to adjust the seat to your liking. It is essential to be well installed. This allows you to have good visibility both of the road and all the indicators inside the vehicle. Also, adjust the mirrors, and don’t forget to fasten your seat belt.

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