The New Year is always an excellent time to brush up on your knowledge of interior design. Whether you’re providing expert interior services or just doing it for fun, making over homes with what’s trendy and refreshing for that particular time period is a craft that should always begin from the bottom. To be more specific, you should first consider how the floor would look before everything else. In the previous years, flooring trends were focused mostly on hardwood, which is why nobody expected that that wall-to-wall carpet could ever return as flooring favorite. But it did. And it looks like it’s here to stay. Whether you’re designing a cozy residence or a spacious commercial establishment, carpeting is definitely a good option to consider. When doing so, you should keep these top eight carpet trends in mind to make sure that your interior design is up to date. In fact, wall to wall carpets are the perfect choice to do so.

Benefits of wall to wall carpets:

Wall to wall carpets have a lot of benefits and elegant designs. If you are looking to do the best carpeting in your home, you should consider this one. Wall to wall carpets have a big and unique color collection, you can match them with the color scheme of your room or the color of your furniture. They are very to install and to use. They have a long life, they don’t fade early but even if they do they are very easy and convenient to wash. Besides, plenty of more benefits of wall to wall carpets are described below:

  • Easy to afford:

The most important benefit of wall to wall carpets is that they are easily affordable. They have different prices that depend on quality. If you are a layman and want to decorate your house with carpets, then these wall to wall carpets should be your first priority.

  • Easy to maintain:

Carpets that are easy to maintain are usually more demanded and used than the others. Wall to wall carpets are one of them, they are very easy to maintain and clean. The only maintenance is regular vacuuming and that’s it. And since most of the carpets are manufactured with stain-resistant qualities today, which do not allow the fluid to pass through the surface, you can easily increase the spill. But do it immediately. It protects from energy as it provides insulation in cold and heat. It prevents freezing, draft, and external heat from roaming through the floor, which helps in cutting your utility bills for heating and cooling.

  • Versatile patterns and designs:

Wall to wall carpets come in different ranges and designs. They have a unique color collection; you can match them with your furniture or the color collection of your room. They have elegant and unique designs. If you are looking for some unique and fabulous textured and designed carpets and your home, you should consider wall to wall carpets as your first priority.

Drawbacks of wall to wall carpets:

As you know, there is nothing in this world which is completely perfect. Everything has negative as well as positive features. Drawbacks of wall to wall carpets are described below:

  • Allergy transmission:

The main issue of wall to wall carpeting is that they may spread diseases and transmit allergies and diseases. In factCarpeting can increase the symptoms of allergies because fibers catch dust, dirt, bugs, and bacteria. If you are allergic to pollen or dust or if you have a respiratory condition like asthma then you should think twice before using carpet in your home.

  • Sensitivity:

Another drawback of wall to wall carpet is that they are very sensitive. They can easily attract dirt, stains and allergies. Although, they are very easy to wash but even then frequent stains may irritate some people.

Final Words:

In this article we have provided you with the best information and details about wall to wall carpeting; their benefits, their drawbacks, their pros, their cons, now it’s up to you what do you adopt to make your house attractive and enchanting.

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