Ask any landscape contractor Singapore expert for tips on creating a sustainable landscape, and he or she will have plenty to say. These will certainly include 5 key considerations for garden or patio owners in order to ensure the long term health of the space.

Fabricated lawn isn’t the answer

Looking to replace your lawn? Understand that man-made grass isn’t eco responsible or cost-effective. It retains warmth and releases gasses for years. What’s more, the underlying granules have a tendency to migrate toward the water supply– and into your house.

If you actually want a grass, select a turf blend made particularly for your location’s environment, and then balance out the water requirements by using low-water plants and locals in other places in the yard. Even better: plant a field or a no-mow grass– and enjoy your added spare time now that you do not have to mow, weed, or fertilize.

A specimen tree won’t live eternally

Designing and building your new residence around a gorgeous specimen tree isn’t constantly the very best course of action. Prior to even starting the style process, get in touch with an arborist to find out the tree’s health and durability. Don’t jeopardize the style of your house simply to display a tree, however magnificent it may be. If it doesn’t function, you can generate some brand-new huge trees for the right places and view them turn into legacy trees with time.

Which plants should I choose?

One of the most basic ways to change your exterior area, be it a city yard or nation garden is to invest in a system based around your plants. A great choice of blossoms, trees and shrubs will create year round interest. Invest a long time getting to know your dirt and aspect in regards to sunlight, shade and exposure.

For base purchase larger hedging and trees. For colour invest cash on bedding plants and bulbs. Perform study in publications, yard centres and online will present many planting pointers. Potted blossoms and plants are a fantastic option for including simple colour and the movability means you can change your design when the feeling takes you. Make certain to grow them with a lot of water drainage and water frequently.

Insect Control

No landscape is impervious to pests. As ridiculous as it seems, it’s simple to neglect that your landscape belongs of nature, which pets and insects will always belong of that ecosystem. Much like a few squirrels on your building can be adorable while a few hundred is an environmental nightmare, an invasion of insects like grubs or chinch bugs on your grass, or fallen leave hopper and aphids on your trees and bushes ought to be treated quickly.


Form refers to the contours of objects in a landscape. Lots of forms exist in a landscape such as the rectilinear shapes of your house, walkways and driveways. Plants, topography and hardscape mark various other forms that might include squares, circles, triangles or irregular shapes.

Plants additionally have individual form varying from pyramidal to rounded, vase-like to level or dispersing. When plants are placed into groups, they handle a new form as a group which might be quite distinct from the specific form.

Landscape forms stimulate feelings and create atmosphere. Rectilinear forms look organized and formal, circles are soft, triangulars are solid, and uneven shapes are laid-back and cost-free. We can benefit from form in a design to establish the feeling of a landscape.

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