After purchasing casters, you may wonder where to put them on your equipment. The correct answer to this is the part of the equipment that usually contacts the floor. While that’s true, it is a bit more complicated than that.

To ensure the Hamilton casters are installed and placed in the right location, keep reading and use the tips below.  

For Minimal Maneuverability

If you have something that only moves in straight, but you want to increase maneuverability slightly, you can install rigid casters on the end of the item. On the opposite end, install two swivel casters. With this arrangement, you can push the item straight and turn it as needed.

For Increased Maneuverability

If you want your item to go everywhere, then you should install swivel casters in each corner. By doing this, your cart or equipment will become extremely maneuverable. You will be able to steer it in almost any direction. The biggest downside to this is when an item has four swivel casters, it is often hard to control. Because of this, you should only use the configuration on lighter items to ensure you can move them safely.

For Heavy Loads

If you have a heavier item that requires more effort to move, you need to increase the number of casters used to six. Be sure to install swivel casters at every corner of the item. At the halfway point, of the item’s longer side, install the rigid casters. If the rigid casters are slightly bigger than the swivel casters, you can easily turn the equipment or item by balancing the middle casters with the ones on the corner off the floor.

Mix Maneuverability and Load Capacity

If the goal is to save money, you can use an arrangement that will provide flexibility of the setup above but only requires four casters rather than six. When you choose this configuration, you will have two rigid casters that are installed at the halfway point on the item’s longer side. There will also be two swivel casters installed at the halfway point on the shorter side. This will create a diamond pattern. While the setup isn’t as mobile as the one above, it still improves maneuverability for larger loads.

When you get the right caster configuration, you can feel confident that it will be possible to move larger or heavier items easily. Use the information above to figure out what configuration is right for your needs. 

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