Since its invention in the 1930s, the clothes dryer has evolved to become one of the most reliable home appliances. It cuts drying time and makes the task of washing clothes much easier in general. But when a critical component of this machine is left uncleaned — the dryer vent — it can give you quite the headache. Apart from higher utility bills, it can lead to a home fire at worst. From having regular dryer vent cleaning and inspection Northern VA to properly using the dryer, here are eight safety tips that every homeowner must know.

Never put flammable materials in the dryer. Clothes dryers are responsible for around 2,900 home fires every year. One way to protect your home from fires caused by this machine is to avoid putting flammable materials in it (e.g., bathroom mats or anything with plastic or rubber).

Know the basic fire safety codes. While dryer vent cleaning and inspection Northern VA is essential, you also have a role to play in making sure your dryer is not a fire or health hazard. Learn fundamental safety codes like having a dryer vent with a diameter of at least 4 inches and having a fire extinguisher in your home.

Clean the lint trap before and after every load of laundry. When washed and dried, your clothes produce lint. When they accumulate and become exposed to high temperatures, they can cause dryer fires. Therefore, you have to be diligent in cleaning your lint trap every time you dry a set of clothes.

Don’t leave your home with the dryer running or plugged. Though this sounds like a no-brainer, there are still homeowners who forget to unplug their dryer vent before leaving their house. In other instances, they may even forget that their dryer is running. Both can cause overheating, and eventually, a home fire.

Check if your vent is properly connected. Proper dryer vent installation is also vital in preventing dryer fires from happening. Make sure that the duct is actually connected to your clothes dryer. There also shouldn’t be any airflow restrictions because they’re considered a fire hazard.

Beware of the signs of a clogged dryer vent. There are different signs telling that it’s high time for a dryer vent cleaning and inspection Northern VA from longer drying time to unusual odor to higher utility bills. You have to be aware of these indicators to prevent the clogging from worsening.

Schedule a regular cleaning and inspection. As a general rule, you have to ask a professional to clean and inspect your dryer vent every six months. These experts have the knowledge and the tools to ensure that your vent is free of any buildup.

Understand the consequences of an unclean dryer vent. Many homeowners take cleaning dryer vents for granted. They tend to be reactive rather than be proactive. If you’re one of those, not only will you need to shell out more money — you will also put your household and your property at risk.

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