Not every chair is an ergonomic chair. These are a chair which is specially built for office persons. These chairs not only give you comfort but at the same time gives you several health benefits as well. A chair is being called ergonomic chair if it contains height-adjustable, arm support, and back angle adjustment features. For persons who spend more than 40 hours per week at their workplace tend to develop severe back and joint pain. Ergonomic chairs provide support to your lumbar and ease back pain. It also helps to prevent severe back injuries and provides support for your neck which aids to avert neck stiffness. A good ergonomic chair is the one that provides overall comfort to your body. An employee who feels comfortable at work have more productivity rate than the one who does not. Ergonomic chairs greatly differ from traditional chairs in terms of their comfort and weighing capacity. Though Ergonomic office chairs [เก้าอี้ คอม นั่ง สบาย, which is the term in Thai] are more expensive than old fashioned chairs but it also bring several benefits as well.

Is it true good office chairs increase productivity?

Many people wonder how good office chairs can increase productivity at work. The answer is very simple; when you feel comfortable at work you tend to work more which ultimately increases productivity. A good office chair such as an ergonomic chair helps you to concentrate on your work. The work is error-free because you feel more motivated towards your work.

Does good office chairs lead to job satisfaction:

 All these factors eventually lead to increased job satisfaction as turnover rate reduces. A good office chair helps you to stay focus on your job for long hours. Organizations always look to increase productivity at work. For that, they need to make sure that their employees feel motivated and comfortable at the workplace.

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