If you were to list the essential pieces of furniture in a dining room, the chairs would undoubtedly come in the second position, just after the table. The dining rooms chairs are thus a major element not to be overlooked. This article will help you choose the right dining chairs.

Choose A Style For Your Dining Chairs

The first criterion to take into account is the style you want to give to your room. If you do not define it from the start, your layout choices will not have a common thread, and your dining room will not be harmonious. So what atmosphere do you want in your dining room? Cocooning, minimalist, Scandinavian, tropical, natural, rural, industrial, baroque, ethnic, hygge There, is something for everyone.

What Material Do You Want

Once you have defined your style, you can target the materials that will best match. Natural wood (solid or plywood) generally gives a warm atmosphere, while black, white, or colored plywood is more modern. You can also opt for a design or vintage style with metal, or more chic with leather. Wicker is also an exciting option to add a touch of countryside or naturalness. We can also consider the fabric, velvet, or possibly plastic.

Set The Size Of Your Chairs

The dimensions of the chairs should also guide your choice. For this, you must consider the space you have. What is the size of your dining room, as well as your table? Do your table tops (ท็ อป โต๊ะ which is the term in Thai) have specific features, such as intermediate legs, for example? How many chairs do you want to place around it? Based on these data, you will choose chairs with a more or less large footprint. If you choose chairs with armrests, measure the height of the armrests to make sure that the chair will pass under the table.

Ease Of Maintenance

In real life, a dining room does not remain as immaculate as in magazine photos. Since our houses are made to live in, it will be necessary to take into account the ease of maintenance of the chairs. The chairs with clean lines will, of course, be easier to clean, unlike those with angular and sophisticated designs that will quickly catch the dust in the corners. If you have children, there is a significant risk that the chairs will suffer from all kinds of stains and dirt. You may want to avoid fabrics, for example. Finally, if you have pets, also remember to avoid materials that catch hairs, as well as those that will make excellent scratching posts.

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