In today’s modern era, there has been found a rise in vintage décor. Many people are trying out new ways of incorporating vintage style aspects in their home space, and much more, in their kitchen space. The kitchen, being a very personal space in the house, is preferred by many to carry their own personal touch. And this is where vintage cabinetry comes in. Renovating your kitchen can be quite costly which is why you need to look for kitchen renovation package from AC Vision.

Vintage kitchen cabinets are a very popular trend in kitchen décor nowadays. Due to their old-world charm, they provide a very strong appeal and have a positive effect on the minds of the inhabitants and the guests as well. However, in this blog, we will be talking about how you can showcase your vintage cabinetry better with the help of hardware fixtures.

Before talking about the hardware fixtures, let’s talk about how you can get the fixtures right.

  • A single finish: Although it is not impossible to add fixtures to cabinets with more than one finishes or styles, it is always better to have them for one single finish. It makes the whole décor appear more coordinated and in sync. In this case, we will be considering a vintage cabinet
  • Different hardware styles for upper and lower cabinetry: This is another great way to coordinate the look of the cabinet hardware e.g. knobs for upper cabinet doors and pulls or handles for lower cabinet doors and drawers.
  • A long term decision: The finish and the style of your vintage kitchen cabinets can be changed. But what cannot be changed are the hardware fixtures. So, be careful while choosing them and make sure that they will be functional both for now and the future, irrespective of the style or finish.

Now, that we know how you can make the right choice for fixtures, here are 4 types of fixtures for your vintage cabinetry.

  1. Round Knobs: The most common fixtures in kitchen cabinetry, knobs are the most comfortable of pulls due to their ability to begrabbed from any direction.While a door may have a single knob, a drawer is more often attached with two knobs on either side which makes it easier to be pulled. Rounds knobs have a contemporary look which allows them to blend in perfectly with any kind of vintage cabinetry, be it vintage white cabinets or walnut kitchen cabinets.

  1. Bin pulls and cup pulls: Bin pulls and cup pulls are fixtures that have a cupped shape that the fingers can slide into from under them. They carry as slight retro feel due to their storage-bin-pull appeal, and go perfectly well with vintage cabinetry, for instance, classic walnut cabinets.

Bin pulls and cup pulls look great when placed horizontally on drawers and other pullouts.

  1. Finger Pulls: Aminiature version of bin pulls; these are attached usually to the top of a door and wrap around to form a lip that can be grabbed with a finger. It is much wider and appears more minimal. These, when added to vintage kitchen cabinets, provide the perfect transitional appeal.

Finger pulls are greatly effective when added to island cabinets since protruding fixtures may come in the way of elbows and knees.

  1. Latch Pulls: Latch pulls provide a true-to-form vintage appeal and showcase modern walnut cabinets in a perfect manner. They literally latch the cabinet doors into the cabinet and hold them in place unless unlatched. There are some latches that might require a bit more strength to be pulled than other latches, which serve as a safety precaution for children. But this does not compromise their style statement.

Vintage kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly a great addition to any kitchen décor. However, with the perfect hardware fixtures, they can make an even more favorable impression upon you and your guests as well. Opt for vintage cabinetry and turn your kitchen into an old-world masterpiece.

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