How to buy Property – London. As I am sure you are aware, the London housing market is very competitive and prices seem to be only moving in one direction. With low supply and increasing demand, the London housing market is one of the most competitive in the country and for that reason, it’s important for any prospective buyer to read these key tips about how to buy property- London. 

Where should I buy it?

We can all agree that London is a beautiful, bustling and diverse city. Not only in terms of people and culture but also the landscape of London itself. there is literally something for everyone, from the leafy green suburbs and parks to penthouse apartments in sprawling skyscrapers.

The key therefore  when first thinking about how to buy property – London is to determine what sort of environment you want to reside in and from there, you can really narrow down your search to focus on locations that meet those requirements.

I have found a property now – do I need a London based conveyancer? 

Absolutely not. Conveyancers are qualified to act on transactions throughout England and Wales and therefore it is not necessary for the conveyancer to have local knowledge of the area that the property is situated. If of course you want to be able visit your conveyancers office, then it may be prudent to instruct a London based conveyancer. However, with advances in technology and the move towards conveyancing embracing technology, much of the work can be carried out using email, telephone and post and there is no requirement to visit a conveyancers office.

How can conveyancing solicitors help you buy a property in London?

When looking for London conveyancing services, you should check their online feedback via google and Trustpilot reviews to ensure they can achieve the best possible service for you. This will enable you to obtain an idea of reputation for conveyancing solicitors.

Conveyancing solicitors should have a number of reviews to help you make an informed decision on whether you wish to use their services or not.

At AVRillo we have a huge number of reviews and are rated 4.9 which is outstanding as we believe in quality customer service and are very thorough with our legal work. Reviews for Conveyancing solicitors should be no different to this. 

Whilst looking for conveyancing solicitors, ensure their reviews are well rated as this is normally a good indicator of how the firm operates as a whole. 

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