Storage units are a great business and one that many people rely on to safely store household belongings, a vehicle or even business inventory. Some restoration companies use storage sites for home or business content while work takes place, and homeowners may temporarily move furnishings while painting or remodeling. With so many people relying on storage facilities, it is easy to see why some of the following items can make your facility more appealing to customers.

Alarms and Cameras

Install a good alarm system with multiple stages. The first point of infiltration by burglars is the security gate. It should only be passable with a secret code or a passkey. Better yet, double that with a security guard who can verify identities and monitor the people entering and leaving the grounds. Guard dogs are a good deterrent, especially at night. Cameras placed strategically at the gate, between each row of units and at the rear of the property can be useful as well.

Perimeter Fencing

It is critical to provide your property with a strong fence. Some use an electrified wire at the top and some use a pointed spike design to discourage would-be fence climbers. A good fence can stop a car from busting through, either breaking in or breaking out with a load of stolen items. An electrified gate should also be part of the set up as that can help with security. A good fence does not need to mean an ugly fence, as shown by the ornamental fences and gates Texas businesses and residents choose to protect their homes.

Climate Control

Go the extra mile and offer at least some units with air conditioning, heating or dehumidifiers, according to the needs of your climate. Mold is one of the biggest sources of damage to personal belongings in storage, so if your area is humid, invest in a device that can reduce the humidity to friendlier levels.

Pests and Insect Control

Have the grounds and any empty units sprayed regularly for cockroaches, spiders and termites. Set rat traps around the perimeter and make sure any openings that may be attractive to bats or birds are covered or closed.

Make sure to pay attention to the grounds as well. Provide paved drives rather than mud or gravel. Include areas with lawn and small bushes or flowering plants for color. Avoid large bushes or trees that provide hiding places. Following these guidelines can keep your facility in high demand and fiscally healthy.

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