Are you wondering why Basingstoke skip hire prices vary? You aren’t alone, especially since these services should be relatively straightforward. It should be as simple as pay a company to remove your waste. So what factors determine the price of skips at different companies? Here’s a look at some of the most common aspects that influence cost.

Skip Permits

Skip permits are required in some areas. If the skip is on private property, then it wouldn’t require a permit. However, if you intend to place your skip on public land or a road, then you will be required to obtain one from the local council.

If you live in Basingstoke or any other area of Hampshire, you can apply for a skip permit by contacting the local council that corresponds with your location. If possible, make sure that you know where exactly you want to put your bin before applying for one because this will save time and money as well as making sure that everything goes smoothly when it comes time for them to collect their rubbish!

Weight of Rubbish

The weight of your rubbish determines the cost of Basingstoke skip hire services. The more you have to dispose of, the more expensive it is to hire a skip. The price depends on how many cubic yards your rubbish will fill, as well as several other factors related to its weight. For example, if you hire a 5 yard skip but only fill it halfway because the amount of waste was less than expected, then the cost per hour will be lower than if you had filled it all the way up with heavy materials.

Size of skip

The size of your skip is determined by the volume of rubbish you want to dispose of. The larger the skip, the more you will pay as it holds more waste and costs more money to hire.


We hope that this blog has helped you understand better how the cost of using a skip hire service is calculated. In summary, the weight, size and permit are the main factors that will affect the overall Basingstoke skip hire cost. Now that you have a clear idea on how skip hire services are priced, go ahead with arranging some skip hire in Basingstoke with a reliable company.

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