Your cousin’s uncle may do “a little plumbing on the side”, but he will most likely charge you a lot. Hiring an amateur handyman is not a smart decision. It is a bad idea for an amateur plumber to repair or install your plumbing system.

Plumbers Without a License:

Doesn’t Have Insurance

Before you hire a plumber, make sure they are properly insured. You don’t want to be liable for unexpected lawsuits. You could be sued if a plumber you do not license is hurt during repairs. Licensee plumbers must have liability insurance. This provides customers with additional security.

It Can Be Twice As Expensive

When fixing your plumbing, it is crucial to do the job correctly the first time. It is much easier to make mistakes with unlicensed plumbers. Worse, unlicensed plumbers do not provide any warranty. To complete the job properly, you’ll need to hire another professional which will increase your costs.

Property Damage

Plumbing is a skilled trade. It is more likely that someone will not be able to do the job correctly. Property damage can be caused by unlicensed plumbers. Many problems can occur, including broken pipes and leaking fixtures.

May Cause Future Problems                                                                                  

Plumbers are licensed professionals who have a lot of experience and knowledge. They have been trained extensively. They are able to perform repairs quickly and efficiently. It is crucial to immediately address emergency plumbing issues such as burst pipes and toilet backups. There are no mistakes. Unlicensed plumbers could cause a lot of problems.

You Don’t Have The Right Tools

It is not enough to fix a common plumbing problem with a basic toolkit. It is possible to purchase specialized tools that can be quite expensive. Even though an amateur may be able to purchase the equipment, they must still know how to use it. Incorrectly using tools can lead to serious injuries, such as fractures of bones or severe cuts.

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