We rely on our vehicles to get us from one place to another efficiently, and for the most part, they tend to do their job fairly well. But, just like most other things, vehicles break down too! There are several reasons why a vehicle would break down, and most of the time, you’ll find yourself unable to move it to a secure location. When this happens, you’ll either have to stay stranded far away from home or call a tow service to come and help you out!

However, not all tow truck services are reliable and professional, but someone who hasn’t had prior experience with getting their vehicle towed probably won’t know the difference between a professional, and an unprofessional service! That’s why we, at Tow Truck Service NJ, have put together a few things you can expect from our professional tow truck services, so you know that you’re getting the best service out there!

#1: Always available, no matter what is going on

A professional tow truck service, that’s available 24/7, will be available in the set area whenever you need them. Most of the time, emergency towing is required when there’s been an accident, or some other type of emergency has occurred. Whether your car has totaled and just can’t be moved on its own, or you’re experiencing any other unexpected issues, a professional towing service should be able to help you move your car to safety either way!

#2: Can help with minor tasks too

Contrary to common thought, tow truck services don’t just include picking up your car and moving it to another location, it includes all types of roadside assistance services! This means that even if you’re stuck in a minor problem like your car’s battery is dead, or you’ve got a flat tyre or you’ve simply run out of fuel, a professional tow truck service will be able to help you out of all of the problems, no matter how minor they may be!

#3: Two types of towing methods

There are two main types of towing methods, the dolly, and the flatbed method. Both of these methods differ and most people prefer the flatbed method to make sure that their car is on top of the tow truck, totally safe with nothing pulling on it at all! A professional tow truck service will give you the option to choose from either of them (that is if the circumstances that your vehicle is stuck in allow it).

#4: Can help if you’re locked out

Professional tow truck services don’t just help you when your car is stuck because it has broken down. They can also help in instances when you might have accidentally locked yourself out, or are having key troubles in general. Whatever lock problem you might be experiencing, they’ll have a way to help!

#5: The one to rely on in a movie!

People don’t just get their cars towed when they’ve gotten into an accident or other type of emergency, tow trucks are also needed in other times such as when you’re moving! If you’re moving to an area that’s a lot further than where you’re currently living at, it might not be possible for you to drive your car there. A professional tow truck service can transport your car long distances as well, so you have it at the other location, safe and sound without having to do any of the driving yourself.

#6: Won’t cost you a fortune

Just because a tow truck service is professional and recommended, doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to cost a lot. You can have access to a great service, and still be charged a nominal (but fair) amount! The company would be transparent with their charges and will not cost thousands of dollars for the job!

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