Are you having problems redecorating your room without changing many things and on a low budget? If yes, what can be a good option other than installing a new rug? Rugs are a magical piece of fabric that is used to make your floor beautiful. It can brighten up the dullest room and provide like carpets. They add homeliness and breathe to the place. No matter, the room is styled in modern ways or in some traditional way they suit every styling and taste. Try to install a Kilimis rug in a bland room and see the magic happening. Mats are available in several types and varieties which give you an upper hand to select anything of any kind for your home. A synthetic rug fits much with contemporary lifestyle whereas; hand woven and natural gives a traditional look.  

A rug can change the look of the room with their sizes and patterns. It can tone down the cluttered place and enhance the small homes with their designs. All you have to do is select the right type of rug with the correct size. Among so many different types of rugs, I have arranged a small guide on Pros and Cons of one of the most popular synthetic kinds of rug, i.e., Nylon Rugs.

Made from first synthetic fiber nylon rugs are getting popular day by day. Nylon has set new standards of durability, quality and low prices. The pros and cons of nylon mats are:


  • Durability: Nylon rugs promise you one thing at the very first step, i.e., strength & crush-resistance. It’s an excellent choice for you when you are looking for something cheaper but with high-quality properties. Fibers are reliable and easily resist regular foot traffic daily.
  • Style: The reason I love the most about rugs is their availability in different styles and versatility. Nylon Rugs are signature proof of this statement. Nylon gives you control over pile height and construction, and this provides nylon rug leverage to look like any of the rugs designs and patterns available. Whether you want a plush, luxurious or smooth feel – you can have any according to your desire.
  • Rugs for any place: Rugs are installed at almost every room of the house, including your kitchen. Nylon rugs are durable and easy to maintain suitable for any place you want. You can select designs and patterns differ according to your room and never stop enjoying its perks. In the kitchen, for instance, nylon is the best choice. It is durable and easy to clean with anti-slip properties which make it a good option.
  • Noise Reduction: Nylon rugs are also excellent noise insulators as all other types of mats.
  • Easy maintenance: Nylon wards off crumbs and dust, which is excellent for busy people. Those who don’t have much time to clean up daily consider nylon mats as blessings. You can go for a vacuum once in a week, to keep it look new and fresh for a longer time. As a bonus, nylon is less likely to grow mold or mildew.


  • Chemical smell: Being made from synthetic material, the factor which many can’t resist is its chemical smell. The scent might fade up in some time, but people with sensitive noses can’t tolerate it much. Also, sometimes people are allergic to smells, so it’s better to think twice before buying nylon for your home in any of these cases.
  • Prone to shedding: Nylon is substantial no doubt, but with continuous heavy traffic or rough usage, there are more chances for them to shed down. Try to install these rugs with less foot traffic or away from kids’ rooms to avoid any wear and tear.
  • Less Stain Resistance: Nylon Rugs are less stain-resistant as compared to other synthetic Rugs, especially the food stains. You can pre-treat your rug with some anti-stain coating to avoid this problem. Also, don’t let the stain linger on your mat for a long time. The longer stains stay, the harder they get to be removed.


Nylon Rugs are a great choice; the pros have out-numbered its cons. Moreover, you can easily avoid all these drawbacks by taking proper precautions.

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