When you are looking into building a patio, you should go for strong and durable materials. Other factors influence your choice of materials, such as the size of your home’s area, budget, style, and whether you are working with a contractor or alone to build a paver. Natural stones are, in most cases, readily available and affordable. They match with the surrounding environment and make your landscape beautiful.

It is also vital to consider the intended use of the paver before you settle for the material to use. Areas with high traffic need strong and durable stones that are resistant to fatigue from continued use. If it is a home, you should choose materials easy to model into different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on individual needs. It would help if you visited a stone supplier near you to touch and see the most common types of natural stones available and match them to your requirements.

Some of the most common paver designs include the following:

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone is a type of natural stone used to design driveways for a long-lasting and elegant outcome. The material comes in different shapes and sizes and can be crushed onto the gravel. You can also cut bluestone into different patterns of tiles to enhance the look of your driveway.

The advantage of using bluestone to design your paper is that it has an attractive color that can integrate with other pavement materials to make beautiful landscapes. The natural stone is also strong and can be made into different shapes.

Marble pavers

Marble is suitable to design pavers for outdoor use, such as grass yard lanes, walkways, and patios. Marble has a unique pattern and can be used for commercial and residential purposes to create amazing outdoor landscapes.

The unique patterns of marble and smooth polish make it look outstanding from other materials. It is long-lasting and adds value to your house, especially if it is residential.


Flagstone-designed pavers are unique, and the stones fit together like a puzzle. It is commendable to use flagstone in walkways and patios due to its thinness, making it easy to crack. Flagstone has a non-slip texture that makes it suitable for floors. The varying shapes and beautiful finishes allow homeowners to come up with very creative designs for their homes.

Travertine designs

These are eco-friendly pavers made from naturally occurring material. Travertine is readily available and can be used in various ways, such as outdoor landscapes and indoor floors. It is a durable natural stone that greatly adds value to your home. It is more affordable than other natural stones, is a great insulator, and does not lose color due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. You should be careful if travertine is your choice of material as it is highly sensitive to acids and heavier than other paving stones.

Benefits of Pavers

Long-lasting and flexible

Paving stones are strong and durable, with the ability to withstand the heavyweight of vehicles without getting damaged. Maintenance of pavers is easy as they allow easy access to the roots. Pavers are resistant to erosion and frost; hence can be used in all weather conditions.

Environmental friendly

Paving stones are naturally occurring and therefore ecofriendly. The interlocking pavers allow for the free movement of water and other beneficial minerals.

Easy to repair and maintain

If pavers get cracks on the driveway, you can repair the specific paver only without affecting the rest of the pavement. The cost of maintaining natural stone pavers is low as compared to other paving products.

Different paver designs increase the value of your home, and in instances where your building is residential, many buyers get attracted to the beautiful appearance of resilient, durable natural stones. The designs vary depending on individual tastes and preferences.

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