Starting one’s own business and embodying entrepreneurship is a challenge. Great ideas and business acumen require a certain space and, for many, this space is home. There are stories of great businesses being founded in a garage and others of operations being run from a bedroom. There’s often a lot of romanticisation to these tales but the essence is true and, for any individual serious about launching their own business, certain property designs should be considered.

So, whether you are trying to carve out your own online presence with creative designs or want to obtain clients from your local area to begin a new start-up, a head-start can be gained by taking a moment to think about your property.

A Space To Think

Procrastination is a common hurdle for the entrepreneur and, especially when starting a business at home, many ideas are lost to entertainment and distractions. As such, it is fundamental that a new business or concept has a dedicated space within which to develop.

Garages and bedrooms can work but it is a space that is curated specifically to eliminate distraction that will allow a business to excel. Choosing a room that is furthest removed from a personal space, such as an attic or basement can be useful since it eliminates the inclination to step away from a professional mindset. Others have successfully established an entirely removed building, such as a converted shed, summer house, or log cabin, each of which emphasises the distance between what is professional and what is personal.

A Space For Creativity

Creativity thinking can be supported through interior design. Colours and be stimulating, such as bold and bright primaries, while other more subdued options, like pastels, can be relaxing, helping a mind to focus. Paint, however, is not the only consideration. Clean, minimal spaces are reported to help declutter a mind and comfortable furniture can be conducive to endurance, allowing individuals to keep their attention for longer periods of time.

When creating your entrepreneurial space, think about the type of inspiration you seek. If your business is seeking to make a statement, then design it in such a way that promotes confidence, with striking emphasis. Alternatively, if you are someone that thrives in peaceful environments, then be sure to eliminate noise, both visual and audible.

A Space To Share

It is rare that a business venture will be entirely limited to one person. Whether you are welcoming clients in person or hosting online conferences, your home will become a space that welcomes others. As such, it should be accommodating, emphasising your brand’s message and values while also helping others to feel comfortable.

Be sure to have a dedicated meeting space, even if it feels somewhat casual. Dining rooms and gardens can be relaxed spaces ideal for a meeting, for example. And, if you’re working digitally, be sure to consider what your background says about you. Whether books on a shelf or a selection of paintings, your camera’s view will tell others about your business.

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