The bathroom is the space in our homes where we fully enjoy our privacy every day. This deserves all the attention in the design and decoration to fully enjoy the time we spend in them.

If you are planning for Bathroom remodeling Midland TX, this guide will really be helpful.

1. Before remodeling the bathroom: recognize the shape of the space:

Normally small bathrooms have rectangular or square shapes, identify this quality first. According to the shape we have the following options: in rectangular bathrooms, you can highlight horizontal lines and generate a feeling of spaciousness and in bathrooms, we recommend looking for materials with square formats, it looks good and you do not waste material.

2. What colors to choose to renovate the bathroom?

The selection of colors is one of the most important factors in Bathroom remodeling Midland TX. We recommend that you stick to neutral and light tones in the greatest number of elements, you can include a combination of colors that generate contrast in the accessories, some wall lights, bespoke furniture, and decoration.

3. And, how to renovate bathroom walls?

The walls delimit the entire bathroom area, it is important to understand that there are humid and semi-humid areas inside. This influences the type of finish that we can use for each of these.

In the wet shower area, ceramic materials are used out of necessity, ensuring that the joints are as small as possible so that they are visually understood as a whole and not as separate elements.

Currently, you can get ceramics with imitation wood or stone finishes on the market that will give your new bathroom a unique and natural touch.

Go ahead and combine types of ceramic tiles between the side and front walls. There are no limits. Give free rein to your imagination.

4. Shower area:

In Bathroom remodeling Midland TX, you can install ceramic material throughout the bathroom, keep in mind to create focal points in this space by highlighting one wall, we preferably suggest the one located in the back, using a different tile either in texture or colors.

With this, you manage to expand the spatial perception of the bathroom since depth is generated at a visual level.

In Bathroom remodeling Midland TX, you can play with the design. You can choose the floor material to be the same as one of the walls, preferably the focal point, achieving a strong sense of continuity.

In the semi-humid area, you can leave the wall with a moisture-resistant paint finish without the need to install ceramic elements.

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