Dealing with a flooded home can be challenging and stressful. But by having the right knowledge and tapping the right people (including experts in flood damage restoration, Santa Rosa, California), you can efficiently and quickly return to normal and restore your property to its pristine condition.

In this article, we’re helping you out by discussing nine essential tips on how to inspect your home after a flood and prepare it for water damage restoration.

Know that safety should be your top priority. From the dangers of contaminated floodwater to the risk of getting electric shocks or getting injured by unseen sharp objects, a home damaged by flood is hazardous. Before entering your premises, you have to get a go signal from local authorities first.

Document the impact of the flooding on your property. While observing safety, it will also be helpful to take photos or videos of your water-damaged property. These pieces of evidence will help you file for claims and assist experts in flood damage restoration, Santa Rosa, California in assessing your situation.

Inform your insurance company. Restoring your property can be too costly — but thanks to your insurance provider, you can get proper coverage for your possessions. This is why it also pays to regularly review your insurance policy; experts advise getting insurance that covers flood damages especially if you live in a typhoon prone area.

Take important notes. To make things more efficient for restoration experts, it will also be helpful if you can take notes of areas they need to focus on (for instance, a basement that has not been waterproofed). If you have queries or requests, you can also include them in your notes.

Minimize further damage. If there are other causes of water damage like leaky faucets, you can help minimize further damage by turning off your water supply if it’s safely accessible to you.

Clear outstanding water. If your situation permits, you can also start removing any outstanding floodwater in your area using a sump pump and a wet vacuum. But as this water is highly likely to be contaminated, you have to protect yourself by wearing protective gloves, boots, and eyewear.

Help remove excess moisture. To aid in the process of flood damage restoration, Santa Rosa, California, you can help remove excess moisture by using fans and dehumidifiers. If the weather outside allows, you can also open your door and windows for better ventilation.

Have a professional inspect your HVAC and electrical systems. Part of restoring your home to its pre-flooding state is checking the condition of your HVAC and electrical systems. Ask your prospective contractor if they also offer such services. Not considering these systems in your restoration plan can pose danger for you and your loved ones.

Learn from experience. In every step of the process — from inspecting your home to preparing it for water damage restoration — you have to take note of the learnings you can apply in the future so that you can be better protected and equipped to address natural disasters like flooding.

When a flood hits your home, it is no joke but our team at California Steam Clean is ready to help you get back no your feet ASAP. For flood damage restoration, Santa Rosa, California, contact us today!


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