So, you just moved into your new apartment? Or perhaps you are thinking of renovating your apartment. What finishing touches are you planning to give your kitchen knowing that it is the heart of your home? Would you prefer to give it a contemporary feel? Well, if that is your dream, think black high gloss kitchen doors.

What are high gloss kitchen doors? Are they in style?

High gloss kitchen doors are usually glossed and gleaming. They come with a shiny or mirror-like surface that reflects light giving your kitchen an attractive and modern look. 

This gloss kitchen doors came into existence in the 1970s. The fact that the shiny finish reflects light is one of the reasons why they remain in style.

By reflecting light, the gloss doors help to make a smaller space look bigger and brighter. This feature makes it ideal for smaller kitchens that do not enjoy the luxury of receiving natural light.

What are gloss kitchen doors made from?

High gloss kitchen doors are made from MDF with a vinyl layer placed on top of the MDF. This makes it different from other doors like the Ultragloss doors. 

The best high gloss kitchen doors

KITCHENIN offers you the best high gloss kitchen doors, and aside from making your kitchen look more modern, there are a lot of other benefits you stand to gain when you purchase them.

First, no matter how small your kitchen is, using a gloss kitchen door will make it appear bigger and brighter since they’re designed to reflect light effectively. 

Aside from that, a gloss kitchen door is easy to clean. This is the biggest advantage you stand to gain. You may not be the kind of person that loves cleaning, or you may have kids around who would leave specks of dirt and stains on the doors. Cleaning them off will not be a problem. All you need is a soft wet cloth, and all blemishes and scratch on the door will disappear. 

What this means is that the amount of effort needed to maintain the door is very minimal. There is no need for sealing like other products like timber. Aside from that, the door has an excellent waterproof quality. 

Also, even though a high gloss kitchen door appears fragile, they are very durable due to the thick and high-quality materials used in designing them. Hence, they are last for a long time.

Are we going to talk about how timeless these doors are? Of course, trends come and go, but for a high gloss kitchen door which has been in existence since the 1970s, it never goes out of style. 

Where to buy your black high gloss kitchen doors

Ready to revamp your kitchen and give it a sleek look? KITCHENIN will give you the best black high gloss kitchen doors. The good part is, you do not need to empty your bank account to have a sophisticated kitchen as their high gloss doors are very much affordable. 

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