When you’re building or renovating the house, doors are almost always the very last thing on the list… We tend to forget just how important doors are to the overall interior of the home! And when you finally get into it, it’s even more overwhelming to figure out which material you should go for! 

Just like everything else, doors have an insane amount of options too, so it can be very hard to narrow it down to one door! But that’s just the thing, there’s no one door material that you have to go for. Different materials fit in different types of spaces and the look you’re going for! 

What you really need to be asking, is which material would work best for you? 

In this post, we’re going to briefly go over each of the most popular interior door materials, so you can narrow it down to the one, or ones, that work for your home! 

Solid Wood 

This is usually the only type of door material people are familiar with, and that’s because solid wood doors are the most popular doors in the world! And that’s not just a coincidence, there’s a reason behind it! These are some of the strongest doors you can buy! They come in a variety of colours and finishes, and in a lot of designs so the choices are a vast amount of choices for you! 

These are a great fit if you want to invest and forget, but be careful about where you’re using the doors! If you need doors for the bathroom or the kitchen, where there will be high levels of humidity, these might not be the best choice. Solid wood doors will expand and contract because of the changes in the levels of humidity, so if they’re installed near bathrooms, they might wear out quickly and not end up being worth the money! But for everywhere else, they’re the best type of doors if you can invest in them!

Hollow Core Doors 

Even though Solid wood doors are usually the best option because of how long they last, they might get a little too expensive to use throughout the home! But if you still want the look of solid wood doors, without the price tag, you can go for hollow core doors instead! These look like solid wood doors, but there’s usually only wood around the borders, the rest of the door, which is usually the middle, is totally hollow! They’re the doors that you knock and can hear that they’re hollow! These don’t wear out with humidity as easily and are easier to maintain! This makes them a better door material to use throughout the home when compared to solid wood!

Glass Doors 

Finally, we have glass doors. These aren’t really alternatives to wooden doors, solid or hollow, because they aren’t really used as main doors and don’t provide as much privacy to even be used as doors for rooms! However, for living spaces, or for a door that leads out to your yard, these might actually be a great pick! These doors are the most popular with modern, unique homes that are going for an open, but separated floor plan! The most popular one of these doors are the collapsable style doors that totally tuck away whenever you want! They’re also great options to use for bathrooms, since they also come in a frosted glass version, which adds enough privacy for a bathroom!

If you’re worried about the safety aspect, you can even get stronger glass that won’t break easily to protect the home!

If you still can’t make up your mind, just call Door Repair NYC, or a recommended door repair company in your area to come and help you pick the right doors for your home!

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