The bedroom is one of the most special spaces in the house, as it is where we can relax. So that you can rest properly, it is important that the room is cozy and comfortable. With that in mind, we selected for you the six pieces of furniture that are needed in your room.

Modern beds

The bed is the key part of the room’s decoration. To choose the ideal model, it is necessary to check issues such as height, width and depth that will provide more comfort for you, also adapting to the room’s space. Besides traditional double, single and box beds, there are also bunk, trellised and auxiliary bed models that are widely used in young people’s rooms. It is also necessary to choose the best colors that are in harmony with the space. If the bedroom space permits, opt for bedroom sets. Define the color that suits the interior, such as jet black, pink, silver color, oak wood, etc. The bedroom sets include three or four pieces furniture – drawer, closet, bedside table.


The headboard is the complement of the bed and the piece that will guarantee comfort, preventing you from leaning directly against the wall. Besides traditional panel models, there are tufted options that provide more comfort and elegance, as well as multifunction models with a nightstand that ensure more practicality. When choosing the ideal headboard for your bedroom, check the measurements and material that best fit your bed.


One of the main parts of the bedroom since it stores all the clothes and accessories. The models with mirrored door, besides giving the illusion of spaciousness in the environment, ensure more practicality when getting ready. To choose the ideal piece for your room, check the number of doors and drawers needed to organize your belongings and the type of door opening.


Dressers serve as a complement to the wardrobe. Besides organizing clothes and accessories, it can serve as a base for the media console. To choose the best model, as well as the wardrobe, check the dimensions and quantities of drawers that are ideal for you. There are many other interesting pieces to decorate the room.


Nightstand is an essential piece in the bedroom to keep frequently used objects within easy reach. To choose the ideal model, it is interesting to check how many drawers are needed to store your belongings and the measures that best fit the space. Besides, there are options with castors that facilitate the movement of the part. If you buy bedroom sets, you will get the bedside table and a multi-functional drawer. You do not need to buy a nightstand separately.

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