The kitchen countertop is one of the most demanding surfaces in the home. When choosing the most appropriate one, we must take into account not only aesthetics but also other important factors such as strength and durability.

Pro Stone Countertops Mempfis are included among the best materials of the market, thanks to its technical features and design possibilities. Below, we will find out what its advantages are.

1. Resistance To Heat And Thermal Shock

The stone countertops are made of natural stoneware; a material resistant to heat, ice, and temperature changes. A feature that will make life easier for us in the kitchen if we have to support a boiling pot or a tray just taken out of the oven without worrying about protecting the hob.

2. Scratch Resistance

The stone countertops are scratch resistance. Natural stoneware is a very compact material with a very hard surface. Thanks to this technical advantage, natural stone countertops are highly resistant to scratches, so much so that we can even use sharp utensils such as knives directly on them.

3. Stain And Corrosion Resistance

The absence of porosity and the high density of natural stone countertops give kitchen surfaces great resistance to all types of stains. Any greasy or corrosive substance such as oil, wine, vinegar, or lemon can be removed with a simple cloth. Its ease of cleaning avoids having to use the chemical detergents normally used in kitchens to remove dirt.

4. Greater Surface Hygiene

The more porous materials favor the proliferation of bacteria. With natural stone countertops, this risk is avoided as they are not porous, thus favoring greater hygiene in the kitchen.

Once the dirt is removed from the countertop, the surface is perfectly sanitized. In addition, natural stoneware does not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which are harmful to health. For this reason, this type of worktop is safe and are ideal for use in the kitchen.

5. Infinite Design Possibilities

Aesthetics is still important when choosing our countertop. In this sense, stone countertops provide infinite design possibilities for the kitchen. The range of finishes and colors is renewed every season.

In conclusion, a natural stone countertop offers the best features: hard, resistant, durable, and requires little maintenance. Easy to clean, it provides an air of elegance and originality to the kitchen, as it is a very aesthetic product.

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