Many people love books and some of them even want to buy bookshelves. But there are many points that one has to consider when buying a bookcase. There are many pros and cons when buying a closed bookcase. The first con is that an open bookcase is that it catches dust easily. Apart from this, another con is that if you see the books daily, you might not want to read them, but if the bookcase is closed, you might get curious to read the book and check out the shelves in which you have kept what book.

Bookcase with Door is Safe – 

Another demerit of open bookshelves is that due to air and dust particles, the pages of the books get damaged. Books should always be kept on an airtight closed shelf. So, it is better to buy a 

 bookcase with door.  A bookcase with a door is always safe and your book pages will never get damaged or the ends loose. There are many different types of bookcase with a door that is available online. To beautify your living room you can buy a bookcase with glass doors and wooden borders. Buying a plain glass door bookcase is also worth it. 

Intricate Designed with Glass Bookcase – 

Apart from this, there is a wooden bookcase with doors also that is available. If you want you can get an intricately designed bookcase also in wood. Like for instance, wood designs having circles or shapes of various kinds on the outer surface of the door, etc. But most of the bookcase comes with glass doors and one of the reasons for that is that the books should be visible and also it looks neat like it kinda gives a very snappy (clean) look to the shelves. Spacious bookshelves are also available and you can keep your awards and certificates also in the bookcase with a glass door installation okc

Colorful Bookshelves – 

So, one way it will be visible and another way it won’t catch dust. If your home mainly consists of dominating white, then you should either choose a wooden brown shelf or a white shelf with glass. For other colorful homes, you can choose a plain wooden shelf. Royal oak bookshelves also look good in design and simple. Apart from this most of the bookshelves will come in brown and white color. You will get colorful bookshelves on other online sites but those are mostly low quality and DIY. So, if you want a durable bookcase, then choose some good sites. 

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