Permeable pavers are a great way to create a beautiful patio or entryway. Permeable pavers allow water to pass through them, while retaining water and keeping it out of your yard. If you want to add a permeable paver walkway to your property, here are some tips to choose the best permeable paver for your needs:

Establish color schemes

Before you start shopping for pavers, sit down with your contractor and discuss your desired color scheme. You’ll want to know what colors you want in your garden. The best way to go about this is by establishing a mood board. You can use pictures from magazines or books as inspiration, or even just use good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Find out what kind of paver you need

You’ll have to get an estimate from your contractor before you buy any pavers. This is because different kinds of pavers need different types of installation techniques and materials. For example, if you’re going with concrete pavers (which are very heavy), then having someone who knows how to install them is essential.

Know what material is ideal for your needs

Permeable pavers are made of various materials, such as sand, gravel or crushed stone. These materials allow water to filter through them as opposed to being absorbed by the material. The advantage of permeable pavers is that they can help prevent flooding in areas where there is heavy rainfall or snow melt runoff.

The ideal material for your permeable pavers needs will depend on your landscape design and the condition of your soil type. For example, if you have clay-heavy soil, it may be best to choose a sand or gravel product rather than a crushed stone product because these materials will provide more resistance against water absorption than crushed stone products would.

The size of your yard

The size of your yard will determine the number of pavers you need. If you have a large area, you may want to consider installing porous concrete pavers or even paving with crushed stone.

The type of soil in your yard

If you have clay soil, then porous concrete pavers are probably not the best option for your yard. However, if you have sandy soil or hardpan, then porous concrete pavers make more sense.

Your budget

Permeable concrete pavers can be very cost-effective and they can add value to your home design without making it look like a construction zone (they look like rock).

Go for durability

Choose a product that will last for years to come. A good water-repellent finish can keep the pavers looking good for decades, but it’s not as durable as other finishes, such as asphalt or concrete.

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