Maintaining the curb appeal of your home can seem overwhelming at times. Sometimes tackling projects one by one is the way to go, consistently increasing the value of your home year after year.  

Fix Faulty Sidewalks

If your home was built many decades ago, then there is a high likelihood that your front yard hosts cracked and fading sidewalks. To enhance this part of your front yard, you should look for a great sidewalk contractor to come and dig out the old cement, before pouring beautiful new cement pathways. While this project is usually quite expensive, it definitely increases your curb appeal. 

Add Distinguishing Features

Simple enhancements can be added to your home’s exterior siding to help it stand out from other houses on the block. Siding features are a great way to add a distinction to your exterior. There are also many window accessories are on the market to choose from, from unique frames to exquisite shutter options.

Clear Out Fallen Branches and Leaves

From fallen tree branches to last season’s leaves, every homeowner has their work cut out for them in yardwork. Keeping tree branches and leaves under control helps you to maintain a healthy and beautiful yard, making those who drive by your home turn their heads in awe.  

Update Your Mailbox

There are many fun mailbox options to help distinguish your house from your neighbor. From bright colors to unique stands, mailboxes have come a long way from the old boxes of the 1980s. Replacing your mailbox is quite simple as you can use the existing hole and a bit of concrete mix to secure the new mailbox pole. 

Plant Flowers

Adding some beautiful splashes of flowers is a great way to make your home stand out from others on the block. You could plant annuals in pots on your porch or even install window boxes. Depending on the layout of the front of your home, could also create an attractive flower bed around your entryway to enhance your curb appeal. 

Get a New Door

The entrance to your home is an important focal point for those passing by. Installation of a new door is definitely an investment but can add significantly to your curb appeal as it sets the tone of the entire front of your house. Getting creative with the colors of your new door is always fun; funky door colors can be a fun way to add a unique touch to your home. 

Taking on one of these larger projects per year is a great strategy for making improvements to your home. Your neighbors will thank you for your attention to detail, as exterior home improvements benefit everyone in the neighborhood.

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