32 Best Pergola Ideas and Designs You Will Love in 2021

Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail or read books or just doze off under a shaded patio, a suitable pergola can always make your backyard experience much more pleasant. In this small article, we shall provide a few ideas for a pergola for the patio in your house. 

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1. Bali blinds slatted pergola

You can make your pergola more relaxing, cool during hot summer afternoons. Your pergola wood will match with exterior wood.

2. Corner cabin style pergola

It will provide a sheltered nook to create a space for a conversation area. Also, the woven textures will add pattern and contrast and also maintain a neutral colour scheme. 

3. Pacific picnic wooden pergola

This detached pergola will reflect the style of a porch pergola. The openness will invite picnickers too.

4. Mediterranean screen style pergola

This pergola can offer the perfect backdrop if your home architecture has oriental look or you like to add a warm, and romantic look.

Few ideas to cover your pergola

1. Enclosed skylight on the top 

Here the ceiling fan will keep the air circulating and your skylight will allow for light filtration and will also protect the space from any outside elements.

2. Buy partially shaded furniture

Those who have got a small backyard space or are not interested to build anything permanent can have a covered patio having furniture that features any built-in pergola. 

3. Construct a pavilion

Any round opening present in the roof will offer a sight of the sky from your comfortable daybed created in the pavilion. A pavilion will be the best solution for airy living, while also provide added comfort of shade too.

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