Whereas once it was the jacuzzi and the pool table that were seen as the emblems of luxury in homes, times have changed, along with the aesthetics we champion for interiors and the features that make a property decadent. This is why, today, we are sharing the five modern features, those that have become most popular, that make a home luxurious.

Digital Locks

With the development of smart home features, many familiar concepts are being replaced with digitally efficient and secure alternatives. Locks, for example, are now being replaced or supplemented with digital alternatives. These locks can be activated with fobs, as they have been for a few years, or, in a truly smart sense, recognise the face or fingerprint of residents.

By connecting with a personal mobile device, one that is able to read personal features and ensure identity, smart home locks remove the need for keys, keep homes secure, and make transitioning in and out of a home effortless.

Underfloor Heating

It is now easier and more affordable than ever before to have underfloor heating inside a home. Whereas once the feature required significant upheaval of a home’s foundation, as well as substantial energy to power it, underfloor heating is now both simple and cost-effective, a change that has seen it become more popular than ever before.

Whether you are seeking to remedy the chill of a tiled kitchen floor or would like to embrace the luxury of stepping out of a shower and onto warm ground, underfloor heating might be a more realistic option than you realise.

Secret Rooms

The playful nature of secret rooms is irresistible to many. Whether it is a hidden drinks cabinet tucked behind a painting or an entire home cinema hidden behind a bookshelf, secret rooms are becoming quietly more ubiquitous. Even for those that feel they haven’t the space, there are a number of designs being shared online that demonstrate the potential of every room, such as the cosy reading nook that can easily be designed to occupy space beneath stairways.

Log Cabins

Having an outbuilding in a garden, one that is not solely for storage, like the common garden shed, is a new symbol of luxury. These log cabins are not only being designed with outdoor dining and guest bedrooms in mind but also as creative studios and professional offices, expanding the floor space of a home and opening up new potential for creative pursuits.

Outbuildings designs are also becoming more elaborate, with many seeing them as a blank canvas for their designs, utilising insulation and energy supplies to even host entertainment equipment. So, if you’re looking to start a streaming career or simply have a dedicated space for watching films, then a cabin might be what you need.


While some are pursuing the audiophile quality of modern sound systems, such as Sonos, the most luxurious are now turning their attention to the ceremony of jukeboxes. This revival of an old favourite requires not only space for the equipment but a fondness for the ceremony and a keen eye for sourcing records and cassettes.

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