Having solar panels installed is very tempting especially if you live in a country that received plenty of sunlight. However, it is not for everyone. There are things your roofers will look for as they assess your home’s position. For one, this is ideal for peaked roofs, but your peaked roofs need to face certain directions for solar panels to be a viable electric solution.

Check direction

Ideally, your roofers are looking for roofs that face southwest, south or west. Without this qualifier, you will have less success with solar panels. A solar panel is a good option if you have daily power cut-offs in your area, or if you would like to cut down the bill by assigning some of your appliances, for example, the bath heaters, to the electricity generated by your home solar panels.

Check state

Solar panels, while helpful, are also heavy. Your roofs have to be in tip-top shape. Your roofers will be checking for roof integrity, any leaks, and if there is anything blocking the gutters as accumulated water can add to the weight pressing against your roofs. If this is left unrepaired, your roof can collapse.


Aside from blockages and leaks, your roof also needs to be checked for its integrity. Any panels which may look too old will need to be replaced. Solar panels can last up to 20 years and your roofers will aim to prepare your roofs so that they can last for just as long.

Call engineers

Engineers might be necessary to check on the area and strength of your roof. They can also help you measure the roof area, its promise as a foundation for your solar panels, and how much electricity you can actually save by installing the solar panels. They can also look into the making of your roof tiles and see how well this surface will do with mounting. Poorly mounted solar panels can be dangerous. This is why it’s important to call roofers and other professionals for assessment first. This way, you won’t plunge into the project without knowing the cost and the consequences.

Assess the overall cost

Having solar panels installed can be cost-efficient, friendlier for the environment, and a smart move given how some residential areas do not receive cabled electricity 24/7. Solar power installed in your home can give you a world of conveniences. However, it is important for you to assess if your roof is ready for it, if you can afford the repairs, and if you can afford the regular maintenance of your roof to make sure that everything is sound and your solar panels won’t cause roof collapse.

The environmental benefits of installing solar panels are already settled. What you must make sure of now is your commitment and your capacity to fund necessary repairs and maintenance later on. For the most sound advice, you should call your trusted roofers. If they have been working on your roof for years, they would know its real capacity to hold solar panels for your home.

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