As long as we get hot water from our water heater, we never bother about its condition. Nevertheless, they also need regular maintenance for better performance. There may be situations when your water heater experiences issues. If you are familiar with some common types of problems, then you can fix it easily and quickly. One more skill added to your repertoire!

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Here are some common water heater problems:

Usually, the water heater comes in two types. They work either on gas or electricity. The heating process differs for these models and repairs also. If you are not sure about the kind you have check the flue. It is a chimney pipe to vent the fumes. It will also have a gas pipe going to it and pilot light.

Before starting any troubleshooting, make sure to turn off the heater, or remove its plug from the electric socket. For gas models, it is enough that you turn off the thermostat.

Too Little Hot Water

The water may get less heated, which could be due to various reasons. It may be due to a low-temperature setting on the thermostat. You can solve this by just increasing the temperature. But make sure it doesn’t cause any scalding hazard.

If you are having a gas water heater, then check whether the pilot light is in condition. Besides, check whether the thermocouple needs a replacement.

Too Hot Water

During summer, the water may get too hot. The common reason is that you forgot to adjust the temperature. Most water heaters are factory pre-set to 120 degrees. Check the temperature to stop water from getting too hot.

If the temperature is set right, then the issue may be in the thermostat. It may be broken and needs a replacement.

Slow Water Heater 

If your water heater is heating slowly than usual, then it may be due to issues in the heating element or thermostat. If yours is a gas unit, then check the gas pressure, or there is a need to clean the burner.

If your central heating system is clogged up with sludge, dirt, limescale, dust, and other debris, an engineer can fix the problem by using a specialised machine to pump chemicals through your pipes, radiators, and boiler at high pressure – or a power flush in order to clear the blockage.

Smelly Water

Sometimes you may detect smelly water, usually rotten-egg smell, from your heater. It may be due to the sediment that is laden with bacteria in the tank. By using the hydrogen peroxide solution, you can solve this issue. Let the solution sit for two hours and then flush the tank using clean water. If the problem persists, better call the professional plumbers.

Noisy Water Tank

If there is noise in your water tank, it means there is a buildup of sediments in the tank. Regular maintenance of cleaning the tank, at least once in a year, will solve this problem.

Noise may also occur if there is a problem with the heating element. If that is the case, call service professionals to fix the issue.


If there is a leak, even a small one in the tank, it is time to get a new water heater.

With these DIY troubleshooting tips, you can get your water heater running!

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