Creating an environment from within which to work from home isn’t always easy. While some may find their productivity unaffected with a rudimentary spare room set-up, others will find themselves requiring a more dedicated and considered professional design to suit their professional needs.

Here are nine design ideas that can easily be incorporated into your residence, helping to encourage your productivity and comfort, all while boosting your professionalism!

Statement Backdrop

Your Zoom calls will not need to feature a virtual background with a creative statement backdrop to your office. Consider a refined wallpaper with bold colours, one that will stand out among the virtual conferences without detracting from status.

Feature Lighting

Office lighting is often a focus for interior designers due to how intricate brightness is to encourage focus. Simply relying on a single overhead light bulb to encourage your attention throughout the day will not be enough, nor to prevent a computer screen from placing noticeable stress on your eyes. Consider adding various light sources, as well as spotlights, into your home office design.

Modular Desk

It is often the case that an office space becomes the defining quality of a room. However, with creative modular design, such as retractable desks and adjustable shelving, a room can very easily be transformed at the end of a working day.


A number of remote workers are creating office spaces in their gardens, setting up log cabins and converting garden sheds, so that they can not only immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors but also establish a professional space that remains private and outside of a property’s central living area.

Stand Or Walk

Sitting down is no longer the only way to work. In fact, many are finding their fitness and stamina are improved by standing or walking while they work. Desks can easily be designed to rise or even fit a treadmill beneath them, allowing teleworkers to find their best position.

Focus Points

Designing an office that faces a window isn’t always an advantage. Open areas of activity can actually prove to be a distraction, which is why many prefer to establish their working space slightly away from a window space. In addition to reducing distraction, there is also less risk of interference from outside noise too.


Unlike working in a central office space, your home is yours to design. As such, it is worth adding plants and prints that you associate with happiness. These assets will ensure that throughout the day, your mood remains positive.

Chosen Books

Adding books to your working space, especially those that are in view of Zoom calls, is a great way to make a professional space more vibrant. However, you may find your coworkers trying to discern what it is that you’re reading. So be sure to only host books that contribute to your professionalism.


Working from home often means being prone to noise or activity elsewhere in the house. While some are comfortable with headphones, others may want to go further and install soundproofing in the working space, especially if it is their work that creates the commotion.

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