Whether what you own is a residential or a commercial property, if it got damaged by fire, one of the first things you must do is to contact a company that offers fire damage restoration, Carefree, Arizona. Promptly addressing this rather unfortunate event is one of the ways you can prevent the damage from worsening — and help you save money in the process.

In this article, we’re giving out more secrets on how to be more economical when it comes to restoring your fire-hit property.

Let the pros board up vulnerable areas. Once a fire breaks out, contact your local fire bureau immediately. Then call in professionals that can board up vulnerable areas in your property like damaged walls and broken windows or ceiling. This will not only protect these areas from getting further damaged, but this will also help keep the structural integrity of your property.

Save safely accessible precious possessions. You can also get help from professionals to save and remove prized possessions that are safely accessible (e.g. Artwork). Apart from protecting their sentimental value, you can also save on money by avoiding the need to have them fixed or repaired.

Tap a prompt restoration expert to assess the situation. The shorter the length of time between the actual fire incident and the restoration proper, the lesser the damage — and your expenses — will be. This is why it’s important to call a reputable restoration expert as soon as possible.

Identify which are to be restored and replaced. Companies that offer fire damage restoration, Carefree, Arizona are experienced enough to determine which among your possessions are still salvageable and which ones are to be replaced. Properly sorting out your items is one way to minimize your expenses.

Document the damage. While taking your safety into account, you also have to take photos (or have an expert do it on your behalf) of the damage caused by the fire incident. This will help you properly file a claim and have your insurance policy shoulder majority, if not all of the expenses.

Ask questions when discussing your claim with your insurance provider. Speaking of filing a claim, you have to be transparent when talking with your insurance provider. Ask or clarify the ways wherein you can maximize your coverage and use it to save as much money as possible.

Remove mold and mildew. Fire damage restoration, Carefree, Arizona is not just about cleaning up the immediately visible damage caused by the fire. As water has been used to put out the fire, it’s also important to address water damage and remove any mold and mildew. When not addressed, mold and mildew can damage your property’s structural integrity and even put your health at risk.

Clean contaminated areas. Besides mold and mildew, your restoration expert should also get rid of soot caused by the fire incident — this will also prevent the damage from worsening. Furthermore, you have to make sure that your property is sanitized in order to make it a safely livable space again.

If you need help with fire damage restoration, Carefree, Arizona, ASAP Restoration offers services that have been tried and tested. Contact us today for more information.

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