Magnifying mirrors and bathroom vanity mirrors are some of the common terms used to refer the small mirror. That is mostly can be found in dresses or bathrooms on top of sinks. Mirrors are suited to various environments and usage from professional grooming to professional makeup application. One of the most common styles of a mirror especially for women at home is a vanity mirror.  Vanity mirrors come in a broad assortment of sizes and styles.

What is a Vanity Mirror?

Vanity mirrors are normally round in shape, they can either be mounted on the wall or stand on their own. Usually, it has two sides- one side is a normal mirror and the other has a magnified mirror. It was created such you can see your face closely. Vanity mirrors are more than functional objects, they can also be used as a decorative.

Vanity mirrors are available either framed or unframed. Attached or unattached and in multiple-mirrored, or single-mirror styles. While a lot of vanity mirrors have straight edges, there are also various shapes available.

Know the different types of vanity mirrors

The curved top vanity mirror design with straighter sides is a conventional look usual in mirror-attached vanities. These vanities may feature a set of three mirrors or a big mirror with the big-sized one in the center. The two side mirrors are smaller and maybe hinged. These mirrors may feature wood or metal edging, or framing.

Rather than be connected to the lower vanity section, various types of mirrors are hung above it.  Mostly, these are single, yet large mirrors. Well-known types of vanity mirrors comprise those that look like a smooth-framed rectangle. Yet, also have pushed in looking sides to create a sophisticated and stylized shape. A modern vanity mirror looks maybe trimmed in brushed nickel or shiny chrome. While other traditional types may highlight floral-embossed metal frames. That is in an antiqued finish or bright brass.

Consider these factors before shopping for a Vanity mirror

  • Location

Think about where you plan on placing your new vanity mirror. Also, consider the rest of the decor of your surroundings to make sure that it complements your home.

  • Style and placement of your vanity mirror

You have to consider this since vanity mirrors can be wall-mounted, free-standing, or they can be movable. They can be double, flat, or even tri-fold in design. Shape-wise your choices are varied with square, rectangular, round, and oval options.

  • What kind of lighting do you need?

Are you searching for a vanity mirror that has integrated LED lighting? Do you prefer to dim the lighting? Would you like a USB plug-in, something that can be battery operated, or a main-powered supply? These are some of the important questions you must consider when choosing the lighting you want for your vanity mirror.

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