Window coverings come in a wide variety of materials and styles to accent any window type. Whether it is a window that measures an irregular shape or size, or if it is located at a high location within a room, there are window treatments available that can enhance the look of a window while still providing proper insulation from outside elements such as sunlight and precipitation.

Here are five window covering options for oddly shaped windows:

1.Blinds or vertical blinds

Both blinds and vertical blinds work well on any window as long as they fit within the dimensions of the window frame’s opening. Because these types of window coverings attach to the top and bottom of windows instead of going across them horizontally, they do not interfere with odd shapes.

Blinds come in a variety of styles, including roman shades, pleated shades, room darkening and outdoor covering types. They are available in many dimensions so they can fit any window type. Vertical blinds are similar to window shutters but have slats that run vertically instead of horizontally. They are another window treatment option for oddly shaped windows because they do not go across the horizontal opening, rather up and down within it.


Curtains are popular coverings that work well on both rectangular or arched windows that may also have oddly shaped window frames due to their versatile design. Their design allows for them to be drawn by pulling curtain rods over the top of windows with thicker frames or gathered and hung on decorative hooks for frames with less framing width.


Shutters are a great window treatment choice for oddly shaped windows that have deep window sills. They can be mounted to the frame or to the wall next to the window. This type of covering is available in a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, composite or aluminum and in many different paint colors

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4.Window film

Window films come in both decorative and functional varieties. Decorative films add privacy and style to windows while also protecting furniture and flooring from fading in direct sunlight. Functional films provide insulation against cold weather and heat build-up during summer months and can also reduce glare coming into a room from windows.

5. Window tint

It is a film that is applied to the inside surface of window panes. It can be clear, tinted, or mirrored and is available in a variety of shades. Window tint blocks out ultraviolet light and reduces glare without obstructing the view from outside. It is a good window treatment choice for oddly shaped windows that receive direct sunlight.There are many window coverings to choose from when trying to find the best treatment for oddly shaped windows. Blinds, curtains, shutters, window films and window tints are all good options to consider depending on the specific needs of the window being treated. With such a wide variety of choices, there is sure to be a window covering that will fit both the odd shape and function of any window type.

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