Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence that has focused on the impact of certain colors on the human mind and body, and the results are interesting. Blue and green are the population, according to a study with the University of Sussex.

It turns out that looking at these colors can cause your heart rate to drop, which helps people calm down, especially when they are anxious and very nervous about something.

The Psychology Of Blue

For a very long time, people believed that colors could induce certain emotions, and the fact that chromotherapy is now the thing is proof that

  • It is not uncommon for offices to paint their walls blue, as it makes people more productive in the workplace.
  • Blue is a color associated with lower blood pressure, lower body temperature and a lower pulse.

The Psychology Of Green

Green is the color of nature, and this statement speaks for itself. Because green is a natural color, there are many positive associations that people make in their minds when they see different shades of green:

  • According to research, green is a color that can also improve a person’s learning ability.
  • It is also believed that green is a color that can help you heal faster, as people who worked in green offices reported less stomach upset.

Other Relaxing Colors To Paint A Room For Relaxation

Among the afore mentioned paint colors ideas for bedroom (ทาสี ห้อง นอน สี อะไร ดี, which is the term in Thai), we also have the following:

  • White: Color of clarity and freshness, white can relieve stress and is often a color preferred by pregnant women.
  • Gray: Some people think that gray is depressing, but it can help calm the spirits and can be combined with light blue to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
  • Yellow: it is one of the most positive colors on the market, but many people think that yellow is not always pleasant for the eyes. Yellow is relaxing for some but might look better as an energetic color, the kind that can give you good vibes for getting out of bed in the morning.
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