The kitchen is an integral part of every home, and it demands every bit of furnishing, just like you would furnish your bedrooms and living rooms. Your kitchen can have a boring or an exciting look depending on how you furnish it, starting from the cabinets, the floor, countertops, and the blend of colors. Hence, it is vital to choose materials that will make cooking and other activities around the kitchen comfortable and fun.

Kitchen Countertops add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. They are made of different materials such as quartz, granite, and marble, readily available at Granite Selection. Selecting the right material for your kitchen countertops can be confusing, especially when you have several options to choose from.

Therefore, we’ve put together several factors to consider while selecting countertop materials for your kitchen.

Heat Resistance

Heat is inevitable in the kitchen. While cooking,, frying or baking;  one can easily drop hot objects like pots and pans on the countertops. Hence, it is pertinent to select materials that can resist as much heat as possible that is produced in the kitchen.

Stain Resistance

Of course oil can easily splash on your countertops while frying your chicken, or you may mistakenly spill milk or juice on them. Such things are normal around the kitchen, but what is not normal is having stains all over your countertops! You need materials that can either conceal the stains or make it very easy for you to wipe of the stains.

Stains are conspicuous on bright coloured materials; so if you’re too fussy about stains, you might want to consider dull colours, unless you’re ever ready to put on your cleaning gloves!


Porous materials have microscopic holes which can absorb stains. These stains when they’re not properly cleaned can attract different types of bacteria; which is not healthy considering the fact that a lot of edible things are kept in the kitchen.

Therefore, it is advised to go for less porous materials. However, porous materials are quite cheap; so if you’ll have to choose them because of your tight budget, be prepared to disinfect always.


This is another important factor to consider while selecting a material for your kitchen countertops; you wouldn’t want to spend all your money on countertops! While quality is often associated with expensive materials, there are lots of quality materials you can purchase at cheaper prices; just make sure you don’t go beyond your budget.


Kitchen countertops won’t last forever, however it is important to choose materials that will last longer. It is true that most durable materials are expensive, but with adequate maintenance, some cheaper materials can serve for longer periods too.

With the right choice of kitchen countertop materials, you can always extend everyday fun to your kitchen!

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