Executive chair [เก้าอี้ ผู้ บริหาร ระดับ สูง, which is the term in Thai] is a combination of comfort and style. Hence, it is the most preferred choice for office executives. Executive chairs are also available with the feature of an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic executive chair offers you the support that you need while working for long hours.

Factors that denote comfortable executive chair

  • Adjustable height: A chair is said comfortable when it allows you to rest your feet flat on the floor. If your chair does not allow the same than it is not comfortable. Some executive chairs come with the feature of adjustable height which allows you to adjust the height of the chair.
  • Adjustable armrest: A chair that offers you the ability to adjust your armrest makes it convenient for you to work in a stressed situation. Ergonomic chairs are comfortable chairs that improve your performance.
  • Adjustable backrest: If you are sitting continuously for long hours on a chair it may cause you severe back pain. It is advisable that you use a chair that has adjustable backrest that allows you support and comfort.

Factors that influence the decision to buy an executive chair

  • Material: Generally the executive chairs are preferred with leather. But there are a lot of other materials that are used in making executive chairs. Hence, it is advisable that you select a chair on the basis of material that seems comfortable to you.
  • Style: The design of the chair may not have great effect on the usability of the chair but it is one of the factor that has the ability to change your decision. People look for chairs that convey their designation.
  • Comfort: No matter how costly your chair is, if it is not comfortable it is not worth it. Chairs that are not comfortable may cause harm to your health.
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