Deciding on a contractor who will build your home or office space is an integral part of a construction project. You’re entrusting the bulk of the work to a special group of people and hoping that the finished product will live up to your expectations. If you’re looking for a builder Boxmoor and this is your first time hiring a contractor, check out some of our helpful tips below.

Here are seven tips when hiring a contractor to build your home or commercial space.

1. Money matters

Before you go looking for a builder Boxmoor, make sure you know how much budget you have to work with. Being realistic and setting a definitive cost ceiling will help guide your project and determine what works and what doesn’t. This will also be extremely helpful to your contractor because he will have a better idea on how much things like equipment and services will cost, and whether or not you will be able to afford it.
2. Communication is key

Contractors aren’t mind readers. You have to be vocal and communicate your requirements and expectations. Exchange ideas with your builder Boxmoor on what you want your house or room to be, and what purpose it should serve. However, don’t be bossy! Establish a safe and friendly communication channel so you can best decide on how to go about your build. If they suggest something that’s not your cup of tea, say it right away instead of being too shy to broach the subject. They’re there to help you after all.

3. Do a little research

If you’re dealing with a builder Boxmoor that you’re not familiar with, it’s perfectly okay to do some research on them to be sure they haven’t got a dodgy past. If they have a website, browse through the client testimonials. If a friend recommended them, ask your friend if they were satisfied with the overall service. If you’re letting someone into your home, it’s best if you know some information about them.

4. Consider their expertise

Perhaps you were planning an indoor pool or a modern and spacious treehouse for your build. Well, you want to make sure that your contractor has enough experience and expertise to be able to build it for you. This is also useful for specific tasks that need special licenses.

5. Shop around

Don’t be shy to shop around for contractors instead of going for the first one you meet. Call around and ask for quotes so you can compare builder Boxmoor prices, what kind of services they offer, and if they’re available on the dates that you want to start.

6. Permits and insurance

Make sure your direct contractor has the proper permits before commencing work on your home or office space. The same goes for insurance. Not only does this tick off council requirements, but it also protects both parties during unforeseen circumstances.

7. Sign on the dotted line

Construction projects are expensive and time-consuming. Draft a contract between yourself and your builder Boxmoor in order to avoid any confusion or complications down the road. This contract will serve as your guide in terms of the timeline, fees, and any other issues. This way, everything is clear among all parties involved.

If you are doing renovations or new builds either for a home or a commercial space, Barton Corporation is a builder Boxmoor with a proven history of excellent service. Contact us today.

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