With this product you can clean all surfaces in the household: kitchen surfaces, stoves, the entire bathroom, even the floors – simply dilute the product in water and wipe the floors.

The ideal solution: you didn’t spend money on expensive cleaning products that are also toxic, you didn’t create packaging junk from these products, and you got a natural universal product that cleans the whole house. The right options for junk removal northern virginia comes perfect there.

Zero junk bathroom

In the modern age bathroom, most products are plastic or in plastic packaging.

The “zero junk” bathroom uses a bamboo brush that can be composted after use, as well as a hair brush and combs.

  • Instead of shampoos in plastic bottles, zero junk proponents make natural shampoos, or buy hard shampoos that are in paper packaging that can be easily recycled.
  • They make natural toothpaste, deodorant or choose cosmetics in paper, metal or glass packaging. Everything except disposable plastic.
  • They use long-lasting razors.
  • They do not use plastic ear sticks, but wooden or bamboo ones.
  • Instead of plastic pads, they use a menstrual cup or cloth pads that are washed after use.
  • They use hard soap.

Zero junk refrigerator

Canvas bags and glass vacuum containers are used to store food. Aside from the fact that the refrigerator is absolutely free of harmful plastic that releases harmful compounds into food, food will last longer and be thrown away less.

Food composting

First of all, “zero junk” advocates are careful not to throw away food. They store it in vacuum-packed jars, and prepare it according to plan without excess. If they do not use the leftovers to produce natural cosmetics or natural cleansers, the food leftovers are composted.

How to reduce junk?

Not everyone is ready to resist the charms of the “new” and everything that retailers offer us, and indulge in the “zero junk” lifestyle. But we can all make small changes that we don’t really give up on anything, and we greatly reduce the amount of junk that is generated.

Here are tips on how you can reduce the amount of junk without much sacrifice:

  1. Canvas bag: instead of taking a new plastic bag to the store every time, carry a canvas bag with you.
  2. Glass or metal bottle: forget to buy a new bottle of water every time you get thirsty. Carry a glass or metal bottle with you that you can use for years.
  3. Jars: Instead of storing food in plastic containers, choose glass jars.
  4. Kitchen cloths: spend money on paper towels. Get a few kitchen towels that are easy to wash and ready to use again.
  5. Coffee cup: Instead of throwing 2-3 plastic cups of coffee in the trash every day, get a travel coffee cup that will last you for years.
  6. Do not use straws, ear sticks or disposable plastic cutlery. If you already have to, use their metal or wooden alternatives.
  7. Buy products at the market or in bulk
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