It might seem that hte property market is beyond the control and influence of an individual property. However, evidence suggests that, especially in less saturated areas, there is actually a great deal that individual homes can do to influence not only their own property value but that of others nearby too. 

While many of these changes stem from significant renovations, such as extensions, there are also simple and affordable changes that can be made to a property, some of which can also improve a home’s performance on the market.

Front Door

First impressions are significant when it comes to property, which is why exteriors should be closely scrutinised before a home is placed on the market. Front doors are the emblem of a facade and by simply replacing or upgrading this feature, a home can appear much more appealing.

This thinking is also true for exterior paintwork too and estate agents will often recommend adding a fresh lick of paint to the exterior of a home so as to boost its value.


Another practical purchase are windows. These, however, not only benefit the aesthetics of a property, boosting its curb appeal but also its energy rating (EPC). Buyers are generally conscious of the long-term costs of a property and, with utility bills rising, energy efficiency is a key factor of any home.

Windows, especially new triple-glazed designs, work exceptionally well to insulate a home and reduce the cost of energy bills over time.

Log Cabin

With the rise of remote working taking place, residents are seeking potential space for a home office. These spaces should be separate from a living space, so as not to conflate professional and personal responsibilities, which is why many are turning to log cabins in their garden.

These simple purchases open up an array of options for homeowners, even beyond private offices, making them a superb investment for those wanting to boost a property’s value.

Charging Facilities

With the advent of electric vehicles, both bicycles and cars, it is increasingly valuable for residents to have access to charging facilities at home. Installing a simple charging station, preferably one that combines with off-street parking, is certain to boost a property’s performance on the market with buyers seeking future-proofed homes that will accommodate the transition from petrol to electricity.


Much like windows, considering your boiler is an excellent decision from an energy perspective. New boilers not only run more efficiently, ensuring a low cost of energy consumption over the years, but also mean that a potential buyer will not need to replace the boiler themselves in the short term.

While it may be a costly investment to entirely upgrade a heating system, this price can be essentially added to a home’s value, bringing great benefit to its infrastructure.

Underfloor Heating

As carpets become less fashionable, wooden floors and tiles are taking over. The result of this, however, is that, while more hygienic and stylish, homes are feeling colder. A way to resolve this is with underfloor heating systems.

These systems are now very affordable and can be placed easily beneath boards and tiles alike, without the need for intricate water systems.

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