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Because a remote doors [ประตู รีโมท, which is the term in Thai] opener is a complex creature, there’s a great deal that can potentially fail. Not just exist various kinds of garage doors as well as garage door openers, yet these are, in fact, extremely difficult devices. In spite of its name, your garage door opener is really a series of various systems linked with each other.

Luckily, much of the time, these fixes can be executed on your own if you’ve obtained the right devices and fit obtaining up on a ladder. Yet there are some cases where it’s more secure as well as better to call an expert.

Whether your garage door won’t open or close appropriately, makes a strange sound, or won’t react in all, you can follow this detailed guide on how to detect a garage door issue to separate as well as possible repair the issue on your own.

  • Power Up

The first thing you want to do if your garage door opener is less competent is to check that it’s obtaining power. Take a look at the LED lights on the motor unit, safety and security sensors, as well as wall panel to see if they’re powered up. If not, unplug the electric motor and check your circuit breaker; if it blew a fuse, flip the switch and plug the motor device back in.

  • Open It

It’s possible that the lock may be involved; this is a safety and security attribute that’s conveniently turned on as well as off and avoids the remote or keypad from opening or shutting the garage door. To see if the garage door is locked, have a look at the green LED light on the wall-mounted garage door opener switch. This light might be located under the plastic switch, requiring you to stand out the switch off with a screwdriver.

When the garage door gets locked, the green light starts blinking. Merely hold down the “lock” switch for a number of seconds until the thumbs-up stops blinking; after that, attempt your keypad or remote once more.

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