The Surprising Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

It is alarming to note that the rate of global warming is twice higher than it was in 1981. The earth’s temperature has risen by 0.08° Celsius per decade. An article published by Global Climate Change pointed that the current warming trend is as a result of human activities. This has led to the production of atmospheric gases which has trapped more energy from the sun in the earth system.

To make earth sustainable for mankind, it is pertinent everyone work together to conserve energy. Denis Hayes, an environmental advocate, believes that “the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer.” This is why it is recommended that house owners and occupants choose energy efficient windows for their buildings.

Are you interested in enabling a sustainable world? Do you wish to save energy and money? You should work towards getting window replacement from Capor renovations.

Why should you replace your windows with energy efficient ones?

It is important to note that the gain and loss of heat through windows in houses is responsible for about 25-30% of residual and cooling energy usage. To reduce the amount of energy used in a home, you should invest in getting energy efficient windows.

This type of windows have been designed to trap in the required temperature a building needs and do away with heat and cold. When you get a window replacement from Capor renovations, you get to enjoy enough returns from your investment in energy efficient windows. Some of the benefits include:

  • Energy efficient windows help to reduce cost of energy bills by 12%. You have to spend little on its maintenance. It also reduces carbon footprints. When single pane windows are replaced with energy efficient windows in homes, emissions reduce drastically by 1006-6205 Ib C02 yearly.
  • These windows are designed with special coatings that protects the interior of your building from being affected by the harsh rays from the sun. It prevents fading of furniture by acting as a shade whilst still adequately lighting up your space.
  • Energy efficient windows are high insulators. They are airtight and have a great soundproof system. Noise from outside in considerably reduced with this type of windows.
  • Energy efficient windows help to increase the market value of your house. It also have high aesthetic value. These type of windows are environmentally friendly, buildings with energy efficient windows rank higher than those without it.

Those who are interested in energy efficient windows and do not have enough funds for a total window replacement, you can reduce energy loss through your windows and save money on energy bills by adding exterior blinds or awnings to your windows. You can also add energy efficient window coverings.

 You can contact Capor renovations for more information on options available and for your window replacement services. Contact us now and join the movement to save the planet!

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