When it comes to purchasing doors knobs people have many decisions to make, from style and whether they want Edwardian door knobs or more simply door knobs, to size, colour and much more. These considerations however are relatively easy for many, with a much harder decision for those buying brass door knobs to make – Whether to get unlacquered brass door knobs or lacquered brass door knobs, with a lot of people not even understanding what this means.

To make buying brad door knobs that little bit easier, today we are here to explain to all…

Unlacquered Brass Knobs

Unlacquered brass knobs are of course the more traditional option and are incredibly common all over the UK, with some of the most tasteful and exquisite period door furniture suppliers striving to only sell unlacquered brass door fittings to stick to the traditions of their previous generations. Unlacquered brass knobs require regular polishing in order to stay looking as good as possible, and should only be cleaned using high quality cleaners. It is highly important to care for unlacquered brass knobs correctly, especially when they are situated outside, because when neglected they can tarnish naturally and assume a natural patina of age. These door knobs last a life time.

Lacquered Brass Knobs

Lacquered brass door knobs simply refer to brass door knobs that have been coated in a clear lacquer. These door knobs have been introduced to cater for the modern lifestyle and to provide homeowners with a lower-maintenance brass door handle solution. However, it is not all great when it comes to lacquered brass knobs. Although they possible seem like a miracle at first, over time the clear lacquer on the knobs can start to deteriorate and peel off, leaving door knobs looking stained, miscoloured and incredibly unsightly. When this happens, there is the option to remove the door knobs and attempt to remove all of the coating, but this can be difficult so when purchasing attractive and decorative lacquered knobs you should remember that you will likely need to replace them in the future.

Anyone that is still unsure as to which is the best option for them should contact a local supplier who will no doubt be delighted to provide more information and answer any questions that they have. Remember no matter which option you go for there are many amazing different designs and styles to choose from to make your doors look great!

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