Hydroponics is the growth of plants in a nutrient solution without the use of mediums such as soil. There are many stores online where you can buy all the requirements needed to conduct hydroponics. Some of these requirements include the plants to grow and their growing medium. There are many benefits of hydroponics to the environment and you as well since it is a cheaper way to grow your plants.

Hydroponics supplies

These are all the necessary utilities required to grow plants via hydroponics. They range from the trays used to propagate, liquid fertilizers, vertical Microgreen Systems to the lighting equipment. Each equipment has a specific role and thus they should all be present. The task of these supplies is to hold the solution water, provide a growth medium, and provide lights for the plants to grow

Hydroponics Grow tents

These are special rooms made of canvas with a reflective interior. This inner wall reflects light to provide plants with enough light for growth. These tents have enough space to accommodate a garden with two or more grow lights known as grow light kits. Each tent will vary in size according to the number of plants that can be grown.

12 pot flood and drain

This is an advanced flow system that uses gravity to fill pots with water. The system has a 25-liter control bucket that drains water into pots using gravity. It only uses a pump to fill the 25-liter bucket with water. It works by flooding your growing medium to drive out stale oxygen in pots.

Carbon Filters

They are used to remove odour from your growing area. The process involves a fun that expels air from charcoal. The charcoal becomes highly absorbent and therefore attracts odorous compounds. They are efficient for the Closed loop extractor -A system that enables plants to utilize water and nutrients efficiently.

Advantages of using hydroponics

Eliminates soil-borne diseases – Hydroponics does not require soil and therefore, diseases that originate from the soil are prevented.

No weeding – Weeds grow from their seeds that are already present in the soil. Since hydroponics does not use soil, there is zero chance of weeds getting in your garden.

High produce -Statistics show that plants that are grown hydroponically tend to produce ten times the amount produced by plants grown the natural way. This is due to enough utilization of water and nutrients by hydroponic plants.

Control over Climate – A hydroponic plant is grown in an enclosed environment where many factors are controlled. Factors such as temperature and ph can be adjusted to suit the plant’s requirements.

Efficient use of water and nutrients – These plants require fewer nutrients since nothing goes to waste. They also require less water since wastage is controlled.

Hydroponics is the most advanced way of growing plants. It is both efficient and requires a smaller space to carry out. The advantages of hydroponics outweigh any of their few cons and thus it is advisable for all people.

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