There is denying that upgrading your home can be challenging. That’s because it can be expensive and messy. However, consider the expense as the investment you have to make to have a better and healthier home.

Meanwhile, home upgrades do not always mean renovation or remodeling. Often, you only need to do some switches and sprucing up to improve your living condition.

That said, we have listed seven simple home upgrades you can do to have a better home:

Entrance Mats

By cleaning your feet before you enter your home, you’ll be able to trim down dirt, dust, and grime. On the other hand, placing entrance mats increases the likelihood that toxins can be caught before entering your home.

By making this simple upgrade, guests and family members can leave their shoes by the door. This decreases the chance that first will enter your home and makes it healthier.

Air Filters and Dehumidifiers

If you have an HVAC system at home, you most probably have basic filters to get rid of unwanted substances. However, you can enhance the quality of your air at home even further by using high-quality filters.

For instance, using HEPA filters for your HVAC system is excellent in purifying the air you breathe. Another great option is to add a dehumidifier. This is a wonderful addition if you notice that the humidity is high where you live, and you’re constantly dealing with issues like dust and mold.

Meanwhile, if the air at home is too dry, you can consider adding a humidifying system instead.

Water Filters

Is your water quality at home not as excellent as it should be? Now, depending on where you live and where you get your water supply, several components in your water can contribute to its bad taste. Hard water even causes your skin to dry.

By switching to a whole house filtration system, you can eliminate any unwanted contaminants in your water supply. This ensures that you only get the purest liquid for your family. Of course, it’s easy to install a filter as well.

Cleaning Products

Using toxic chemicals for cleaning can make a lot of people sick. That’s why you should be using natural or non-toxic chemicals if possible.

For instance, hot water and vinegar can be excellent disinfectants on many surfaces in your home. Get rid of anything that can also harbor germs like cracked cutting boards and scratched pots and pans.

At Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago, we always say that washing and drying clothes, beddings, dishes, and more can prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Lime Plaster

You might not want to consider upgrading to lime plaster and would instead stick to cement plaster. But although cement plaster has excellent qualities, lime plaster is more water-resistant.

This is important because it is more resistant to mold and bacteria buildup since moisture is less affected.


Initially, you think that investing in soundproofing doesn’t have a lot of impact on your health. But think of how many nights you spend lying awake listening to your noise that can affect your sleep.

In addition, sound pollution can enhance stress levels, build anxiety, and make it hard to enjoy your downtime. Investing in good soundproofing will let you have better quality sleep.

Replace Insulation

If your home is older, then you will usually have asbestos-based insulation. However, you can consider upgrading to non-asbestos-based insulation.

Not only are these more efficient, but they’re a more environmentally friendly option. But, again, you can get in touch with a local contractor to know what your best options are.

Over to You

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to do something grand to upgrade your house. However, the home upgrade tips listed above are some of the things that you can do to have a healthier home.

Regardless, the key here is to be intentional in the choices that you make. Always ask yourself whether the products you buy, for example, allow you to prioritize your family’s health.

Another is to make these changes bit by bit. For instance, you can focus on doing the switches in your bathroom. Once done, move on to your cleaning supplies.

That way, it will be manageable for you to make your house a healthier home.


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