The Finn Juhl Chair – also known as Model 45 – is a key piece in furniture design history. The fluidity of this chair’s form was prolific and new. It put architect and designer Finn Juhl on the map and made him a highly recognized and respected name in the industry. Further, we’ll be looking at 5 must-know facts about this chair:

  1. Unique for its time

1The most unique part about the Finn Juhl Chair was that it defied the typical armchair aesthetic that was rampantly used at the time. Its artistic form and slim designing made it avant-garde and compelling. Furthermore, the fact that Juhl had “freed” all the conventionally upholstered areas and replaced them with a wood frame made a big splash. The clean, bold, and charismatic design of this chair is held in the best regards to this day.

  1. Instant recognition


The sheer artistry and elegant design of the Finn Juhl Chair was instantly recognized by everyone when it was presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmaker’s Guild Exhibition in 1945. Its sleek design immediately made a buzz and was especially appreciated by the Japanese professor and chair expert known as Mr. Noritsugu Oda. He dubbed the chaise to be “the mother of all modern chairs” which certainly made a huge impact on the overall popularity of this chair.

  1. The uniquely elegant design


What makes the Finn Juhl Chair so groundbreaking is that it features very light visuals. Its organic form features beautiful curves that merge well with the straight lines. Its unique, approachable, and the most refined version of the classic armchair. This “sculptural elegance” made it an instant hit with everyone. Moreover, the clear break of the seat and back from the wood frame was extremely new at the time, which made this chair even more intriguing to both the general public as well as critics. Even today, the visuals of this chair are compared to abstract modern artwork.

  1. Getting hands-on with the design


It’s the mark of a truly iconic furniture piece when the designer takes a hands-on approach with the articulation of the design. The Finn Juhl Chair definitely falls under this category. It was designed in collaboration with the master cabinetmaker known as Niels Vodder, whose help Juhl appreciated during the 1945 Cabinetmakets’ Guild exhibition. As a result, the almost sculptural design of the chair ended up becoming a world-wide phenomenon. Its gorgeous craftsmanship is held in the best of regards even to this day.

  1. Choice of sturdy materials


Lastly, the Finn Juhl Chair has remained a fond experience for many because of its incredible quality and sturdiness. It’s crafted from the best walnut or oak wood, which makes the frame extremely durable. The seat and back are plushily padded and upholstered. The fabric is always a supple, butter-soft leather that makes you feel like you’re literally reclining in the lap of luxury!

The Finn Juhl Chair is definitely one of the most iconic pieces of Scandinavian furniture that you’ll ever find. It’s got history, charisma, and never fails to please on the ergonomic front!

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