A bathroom remodel can be just the thing to make your home feel modern and luxurious. Trends in bathroom decor change over time, but certain features can really improve the usefulness and beauty of your space. Here are three things to pay attention to when you are designing your new bathroom.

1. Focus on the Shower

Most people take a shower every day. Focusing on your shower design can dramatically increase the enjoyment you get out of your time in the shower. If you don’t need a tub in this bathroom, use the space to enlarge your shower area. As you design the shower space, remember to build in storage areas for the various shampoos and soaps that reside in the shower.

If it is at all possible, including a window in the shower is a great way to bring in light and ventilation. Natural light in the shower is a great luxury, and being able to open the window will help keep your bathroom from being overrun by steam. Vent fans are a bathroom necessity, but adding a window dramatically improves ventilation.

2. Hide the Toilet

Many bathroom designs have incorporated a separate room for the toilet. This allows multiple people to share the bathroom space while still offering privacy. Making this change may require moving your toilet to a new location, which can be done with the help of plumbing companies Geneva IL. You may also want to consider upgrading your toilet while you’re making these changes. High-tech toilets are becoming popular. Many include bidets, automatic flushing, and even self-opening and closing lids.

3. Include Multiple Lights

Bathrooms are used for various purposes, so one vanity light is not sufficient to provide adequate lighting in all situations. Bright lighting can be useful for general bathroom use, but be sure to include extra vanity lighting to avoid shadows on the face when applying makeup. Adding a light in the shower can make showering much easier. Be sure to use dimmable lights for the most comfort. If you made the choice to move your toilet to a separate space, it will certainly need its own light fixture as well.

Keeping safety in mind, a bathroom remodel is an excellent time to add some built-in nightlights also. Low-level lighting that automatically comes on after dark can help everyone navigate the bathroom space with ease in the middle of the night.

Upgrading your current bathroom with modern fixtures and design principles can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your home.

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